Dog Walker University is a one of a kind online community for pet professionals around the world. We are offering online classes that you can take on your own timetable, there are no completion dates. Our classes will range from helping those who want to start a pet service to those who want to sell their pet service, and everything in-between. Get Started.

Video based classes. These classes will be video based so you’ll be able to watch them on your own timetable. You can watch the videos on your computer, tablet and cell phone. Here’s an example video: 

Peer support. Just like you can run farther when running with a friend you will come up with even greater ideas for your pet service with the help of your peers. The expectations and resources of the community will always trump the individual. Let’s go.


Private online workspace. As a member of the site you’ll receive a free account in our Campfire discussion forum. There you will be able to create a project page to document ideas for your business. To help you get started I’ve created a template pet service called Josh Cat based on the criteria of the class.


Types of pet services. Our classes will cover all the basic services like dog walking, pet sitting, boarding, overnights, pooper scoopers and dog training. But we will also cover things like dog grooming, dog running, dog baths, baking pet treats, creating your own daycare, creating a service to help find lost dogs, massage for dogs and much much more!

country dog walking

Monsters. The pet service industry is changing quickly and there are large companies getting into this industry. We’ll help you be prepared to take on these monsters and contrast your pet service to the competition. Let’s roll.


Dream big. In our classes we’ll ask you to think big when it comes to how you envision your service and to attach your passions in life directly into your business.


Blowing up the status quo. This is not your typical pet industry website. We’re trying to help you build your pet service for the next 30 years and the market is changing. We’re ready for those changes though and we’ll help give you a competitive edge over your competition. up

Do you want to work for yourself or keep working for others? Simple answer right?

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Let’s get started.