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Dog Walker University was created over 10 years ago. It was made for those who not only wanted to make money but to improve the lives of the pets they work with. Dog Walker University has helped thousands of people start and flourish in the pet industry.
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Dog Walker U. has a deep understanding of the pet services industry and there is just no way to fake that. They also have a solid understanding of technology and the automations I need to make my business work smoothly, better serve my clients and free up admin time.
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Zoomeez Dog Training
I would not be as accomplished today if I hadn't used Dog Walker U. Also, they have a wealth of knowledge about technology that I don't and that helps a ton with today's modern environment.
Dog Walker U. has been an amazing resource to have in regards to building my business. I would recommend to anyone who has a pet sitting business, established or not, to use Dog Walker U. You will be surprised with what they can provide you.
Ali G
I'm a big fan of Dog Walker University. Attracting local customers as well as unique ways to set myself apart from my competition. It wasn't just talk, they gave me assignments that produced results and held me accountable. This isn't about hoping and dreaming, it's about building relationships, getting in front of prospects and landing more work. I'm on track to building a business that lasts and makes money. Dog Walker U has been in business during a good economy and during a downturn. Their ideas are well thought out. I highly recommend Dog Walker U, if you're looking to up your game.
Louie M.
With heartfelt thankfulness I write this review. Before I started working with Dog Walker University I was having a hard time achieving what I now know, I so deserve. With Dog Walker U I was able to understand on a deeper level what is important to me, what inspires me, and what I can do right now to make that real. I have renewed motivation to take action toward my goals and dreams, for myself, my children and our animals. With thanks to your help ☺ Dog Walker U. has created a snowball effect. Because of our efforts together I am taking detailed action and can see the positive changes. This has created more enthusiasm to push ahead. My dreams are manifesting and that is exciting. Thank you with all my heart.
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Hope Sutton
I highly recommend Dog Walker U. for your pet business. They have helped me so much getting my petsitting business going strong! They were able to get my business from not even ranking on Google to being #2 in my area! Dog Walker U. is very knowledgable in coaching in our industry and is VERY motivating and inspirational to me! Thanks!
Casey O.
Dog Walker U. truly knows the pet industry inside and out. They have coached me through everything from dealing with difficult clients to adopting a new payment and scheduling system. Thanks to their direction, I have been able to streamline many of my businesses functions which allows me to focus on other things. I would recommend Dog Walker U. to anyone that needs a fresh set of eyes in their business.
Bad to the Bone Pet Care
Fantastic service! Dog Walker University has been so on point with their coaching and really motivating me to do more with my business and in terms of what direction I want my business to go. Very friendly, very informative and all around a positive experience!
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