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Starter Pack

$299One-Time Payment
  • For those who want to explore starting their own pet business.
  • Online interactive version of the "90 Day Program To Start Your Pet Business"
  • A physical paperback book of the 90 day program - expected release date is late December 2016
  • Email support within 48 hours
  • Downloadable content including contracts, sign-up forms, scheduling forms, tearaways and more

Pro Subscription

  • For those who are commited to creating a pet business.
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  • Everything in the Starter Package plus:
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  • 3 coaching calls a month
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  • Special content not included in the program
  • Same day email and text support
  • Short-notice urgents calls when available

Advanced Subscription

  • For those who are very serious about success and want that extra edge.
  • Everything offered in the Standard & Pro plans plus:
  • 4 coaching calls a month
  • Short-notice phone calls guaranteed within 2-3 hours
  • A special small-business newsletter only for customers at this level
  • A free audit of your website, brand, accounting, budgeting, marketing and seo strategies
  • Deep-dive phone calls where we target large topics, create actions plans and immediately put things in motion

Have any questions? Ask us.

What People Are Saying

 This was a life changing experience for me. At first I was surprised by how much time we spent on numbers and budgeting but by the end I really appreciated it!

 Stephanie L. – Sacramento

 I loved, loved, loved the 90 day program! This is actually the first information product I’ve finished in over 10 years.

 Brooke S. – Alexandria

 I’ve been a coaching client for almost two years and so much has changed for me. I’ve become a trainer, started a daycare and profits are up over 50%!!!

 Tara R. – Los Angeles

 I have a week left in the 90 day program and it’s been amazing. There is so much information, I’ll be going back to this program for years to come.

 Jason S. – Vancouver

 I’ve been coaching with Josh for over a year. When we started coaching I was in a terrible spot. I was stretched thin and I didn’t think my body could take it much longer. Josh immediately had me start a search for a manager to take over my business. I never thought someone would want to take over my company but Josh helped me stay focused. Guess what? I just partnered with an amazing woman and my body is getting the rest it needs.

 Carol B. – Boston

 Josh has an honest but direct way of pointing out your weaknesses, and your super powers as he calls them. My problems are not boring or depressing to Josh. In fact he gets on me if I don’t share my problems with him because he sees value in them.

Anonymous – Louisiana

 Josh Schermer is an entrepreneurial genius.

Dave Buck – NYC

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the virtual program be delivered?

You will have multiple ways to consume the 90 day program:

Daily emails sent to your inbox.

Online daily content.

In writing, audio, video and images.

Is there a time limit on how long I can take the program?

No! The program is yours forever, and you will receive free updates to the program when we do update content.

What type of customer service can I receive?

Customer service starts with you being able to enjoy the content on your device. From there though we can dive deeper into the content. Not sure about something you’ve read? Write us an email! Want to bounce an idea off of us? Write us an email!

For those who sign-up for the pro and advanced subscriptions you will have access to more real-time communications. If you’re having a problem in your business we can jump on the phone and work on it together.

What are coaching calls?

Coaching calls are times we can discuss things like:

Problems you’re experiencing.

Game planning how to solve an issue.

Personal troubles and successes.

Creative business thinking.

Keeping you focused on what’s most important to your success.

Removing distractions.

Is coaching like therapy? 

No. Let us say though we have no problems with therapy and have used therapy ourselves. Coaching is much more about action that therapy though.

Therapy might explore the past while coaching brings the past into the present, and the future.

I used to have coaching clients say to me, “I don’t want this to turn into therapy.” What they were saying was they didn’t want to get deep about a problem they were experiencing. We have diffused this concern by speaking to our coaching clients as a teammate and partner. Would you be open to discussing your problems with a friend or close co-worker? That’s what we can be for you.

What type of coaching philosophy do we subscribe to?

This gets me pumped up to think about! I am an ALL IN COACH. I am completed vested in your success. Our coaching extends outside of our phone calls. I see it as my full-time job to help you be successful. I think about what you’re working on, even when we’re not together.

Where did you study coaching?  

I studied at Coachville, founded by Thomas Leonard. Thomas is considered the founder of life and business coaching. My personal master coach was Thomas’ partner, Dave Buck.

What are deep dive phone calls?

These are wonderful calls where we are exploring a BIG TOPIC in your life or business.

This might be a distraction you want to remove from your life.

It could also be designing a way for you to achieve all your financial goals.

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