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Start Your Pet Business Today

Hello from Josh Schermer at Dog Walker University!

I’ve created a 90 day program with proven step-by-step tips to launch a successful pet business! Below you’ll find our “before you get started” items. I find these are the items that usually slow down, or completely stop someone from creating a pet business. At the bottom of this post you can sign up to receive the first three days of this program for free.

You might be surprised to know you can start making money working with pets VERY QUICKLY, and for VERY LITTLE startup money! Over the next few days I will be emailing you 3 quick and PROVEN ways to quickly grow your pet business. For today I want to start with the things that slow down and stop people from launching a pet business!

The topics that stop someone from working with pets.  

These are NOT the most sexy topics but they are topics that slow down or COMPLETELY STOP someone from launching a pet business. That’s why I want to IMMEDIATELY DEMYSTIFY these topics. They’re nothing, you’ve got this, these things are cake! Choose one morning, pour yourself a nice large coffee and you can knock ALL of these things out.

Insurance. You can start working with pets without insurance, but you shouldn’t. I’d recommend immediately signing-up for pet insurance, and you can do so cheaply.

Sales tax. You should NOT have to charge sales tax as an individual. In the future if you hire people you might have to start charging sales tax then.

Billing. You can take cash, check or use Stripe or Paypal to accept credit cards. I would recommend accepting credit cards as people universally spend more on credit cards.

LLC or Corp. You don’t need to create an LLC or Corp but doing so would protect you in the event you were ever sued and has some tax benefits.

Taxes. Consider starting to file your taxes quarterly once you start working with pets.

Big Idea 

Business cards, websites, branding 

You do NOT and should NOT slow down the launching of your pet business to wait and have the perfect logo, business card or website. Pet customers do NOT CARE as much about your design as they do trusting you to take care of their pet. I was making over $2,000 a week working with pets and had the most bland business card you could imagine.

Here’s a nice economical option for business cards. If you don’t have a company name yet just use your name, email and phone number. Please do NOT spend a lot of time thinking up a business name right now. The right name will come as you work on your business.

Do I need a website? 

Actually NO. In this day and age you could launch your pet business with a FREE Facebook page and an email address.

Like I said these topics are nothing, you’ve got this!

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